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SENSE Electric Burner

SENSE Electric Burner

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Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with this uniquely designed electric diffuser. With it’s constant control temperature and insulated ceramic dish, it provides a Safe, Clean and Efficient way to vaporize the essential oil, without the hazard of naked flame from candle and causing any harm to the oil.
This electric diffuser is an art piece itself, which enhances any home or office decor, with therapeutic functions, simple and safe to use anywhere, anytime.

- MODEL :SH-10
- MATERIAL : Ceramic (body)
- SIZE : 132 x 60mm (W x H)
- POWER SUPPLY : AC 220-230V/50HZ
- ILLUMINATION : 1x LED (on/off switch)
- RATED POWER : <4 watt
- HEATING : Constant temperature <85°C
- SAFETY : Full insulated internal wiring, controlled low
temperature for continuous operation

1. Connect the plug and turn the switch on (LED on)
2. Simply add few drops of pure essential oil (5-10 drops) into the recessed bowl 3. For longer lasting & constant diffusion, add a little water before adding oil
4. Can be operated continuously without over-heating. Simply add more water or oil when desired

For best result and therapeutic effects, use only undiluted pure essential oil or blends.
Do not use oil diluted with base or carrier oils.
For cleaning, simply use a wet damp cloth to wipe the recessed bowl, a little dish washing detergent may be used with stubborn stains. Do not put the diffuser under running water.

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