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125ml Water Based Essential Oil

125ml Water Based Essential Oil

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Our water-based essential oil is made of 100% botanical extract from the plants and which mainly be used with aroma diffusers, humidifiers and air purifiers. We use advanced technology to extract the natural essence of plants so that they can be as effective as possible. The product also has the nature of high-quality water so it is non-greasy and comfortable to touch. Besides water-based essential oil, we provide a great variety of scents for customers to discover.



Water Based Essential Oil

How to use

[ Do not connect the plug or turn on the machine when adding water ]

Step 1: Removed the Top Cover and fill up the container with water level till in between the 'MAX' & 'MIN' line making on the container. ( Water Level should not more than 'Max' Level )

Step 2: Add 6-10 Squeeze ( 5 ml - 10 ml ) or more as desired of the essential oil into the water. ( Do Not Use drop as measure )

Step 3: Put back the Top Cover and slightly press down with a 'click sound'.


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